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10C originated in 2001 with the founding of 10Charge, Kft., a Hungarian company, by Attila Reisz, Jozsef Marinka-Toth and Viktor Rozsnyay. Jozsef and Viktor, two aerospace research scientists, needing a means to hasten the charging of their equipment’s sealed lead-acid battery, began a search for a rapid battery charging system. Unable to find a charging solution suitable for the needs of their aerospace project, Jozsef began his own research into efficient electrical charging technologies. In 2001, Jozsef and Viktor, together with Attila Resiz, an investor in technology startups, established 10Charge, Kft., for the purpose of developing a commercially viable rapid charging solution.

Over the next three years, work continued on optimizing the company’s rapid battery charging software algorithms and on building prototype chargers. Then in 2004, the founders embarked on a strategy to raise capital by obtaining a listing on the U.S. OTC exchange. In the midst of the OTC registration process, Rob Miles and John Fee approached the original founders with a plan to recapitalize the business and commercialize the company’s technology. The parties negotiated an agreement, and the company’s headquarters was relocated to Dallas, Texas — thus establishing the founding of 10C Technologies, Inc.

The company's flagship products — the single-unit 10C PRO Battery Charger and the four-unit 10C CREW Battery Charger — were developed over the next two years and subsequently launched in the U.S. in April 2007. Today, the company remains privately held, with headquarters in Dallas, Texas and operations in Hungary and China.

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